Product Development, Consulting and Training on Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Analytics

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

This is a comprehensive course directed at all Data Enthusiasts who want to make a mark in the field of Data Analytics.
Prerequisites : None
Outcome of the course : Huge benefits and Internship with us or our customers

Estimated Time
3 months
Enroll By
February 15, 2020

Overview of the course

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence


AI with Python

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Data Science Bootcamp

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Data Analytics with Python and Knime

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Our Experience
More than 20 years experience in Data Warehousing, Databases, Advanced Analytics working with various clients in different domains like Banking, Communication, Insurance, Logistics, Retail, Health and Pharma. We have the competency and skill to - Train your staff and build high-end Analytical Tools for your organization. Our award-winning tools and processes are designed to move your team on the path to achieve greater goals.


Mandar Tamhankar
CSM Project Manager at Globant, Pune, India
I recommend this course to those who are serious about their Data Analytics Career. One of the very best courses I have attended by far. And it is also very cost effective.
Deepthi Krishnan
Sharepoint consultant at Metropolitan Thames Valley, London, UK
The ongoing training is changing my data insights. Thanks to my instructor, I am intrigued to learn python in depth and can relate to real world applications. Unusually, this course gives me the feel that am learning a new skill. I am hands-on as well as hand-held when needed. The catch up videos are useful when I can't make it for sessions. The structured approach and assignments through their learning portal is handy to access anytime. I appreciate the instructor's way of giving free hand to individual learning and options to one-one query catch-ups too.
Dorababu Rambala
Program Manager Cognitive Business Intelligence, Tata Consultancy Ltd, USA
I am currently pursuing data analytics course through Analytics domain. The course is well structured and delivered by a seasoned industry professional. Each and every session is driven by industry specific scenarios, examples and use cases. I’m just writing to say that, of all the trainings I’ve ever been to, this is by far the best”.